Published: Rethinking Stevin, Stevin Rethinking. Constructions of a Dutch Polymath

25 October 2020
This book studies the Dutch mathematician Simon Stevin (1548-1620) as a new type of ‘man of knowledge’. Traditionally, Stevin is best known for his contributions to the ‘Archimedean turn’. This innovative volume moves beyond this conventional image by bringing many other aspects of his work into view, by analysing the connections between the multiple strands of his thinking and by situating him in a broader European context. Like other multi-talents (‘polymaths’) in his time (several of whom are discussed in this volume), Stevin made an important contribution to the transformation of the ideal of knowledge in early modern Europe. This book thus provides new insights into the phenomenon of ‘polymaths’ in general and in the case of Stevin in particular.
See also information about the 2016 conference: Stevin inside out: New Perspectives on Simon Stevin

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Editors: C.A. Davids, Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis, Ida H. Stamhuis, and Rienk H. Vermij

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