The Stevin Centre brings together researchers from all faculties of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam who share an interest in the history of science and humanities. Please contact us if you would like to be listed as Participant.

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Current Participants:

Danny Beckers (Faculty of Science)

Jacqueline Bel ( Faculty of Humanities)

Hein van den Berg (Faculty of Humanities)

Kees Boersma (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Gijsbert van den Brink (Faculty of Religion and Theology)

Niels de Bruijn (Faculty of Law)

Freek Colombijn (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Karel Davids (Faculty of Humanities)

Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis (Faculty of Humanities)

Harry Dondorp (Faculty of Law)

John Exalto (Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences)

Ab Flipse (Faculty of Humanities)

Lyana Francot (Faculty of Law)

Aza Goudriaan (Faculty of Religion and Theology)

Jan Hallebeek (Faculty of Law)

George Harinck (Faculty of Humanities)

Bernd Heidergott (School of Business and Economics)

Ivo van Hilvoorde (Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences)

Hylkje de Jong (Faculty of Law)

Bart van Klink (Faculty of Law)

Gert van Klinken (Protestant Theological University)

Margo de Koster (Faculty of Law)

Inger Leemans (Faculty of Humanities)

Fred van Lieburg (Faculty of Humanities)

Olga Lizzini (Faculty of Humanities)

Huib Looren de Jong (Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences)

David Ludwig (Faculty of Humanities)

Frans van Lunteren (Faculty of Science)

Roland Iwan Luttens (School of Business and Economics)

Marije Martijn (Faculty of Humanities)

Markus Matthias (Protestant Theological University)

Suzanne Metselaar (Amsterdam UMC)

Daantje Meuwissen (Faculty of Humanities)

Reinier Munk (Faculty of Humanities)

Ilja Nieuwland (Faculty of Science)

Herman Noordegraaf (Protestant Theological University)            

Manon Parry (Faculty of Humanities)

Wido van Peursen (Faculty of Religion and Theology)

Jeroen de Ridder (Faculty of Humanities)

Peter-Ben Smit (Faculty of Religion and Theology)

Geert Somsen (Faculty of Science)

Ida Stamhuis (Faculty of Science)

Bert Tieben (Amsterdam University College)

Ad Tervoort (Faculty of Humanities)

Wouter Veraart (Faculty of Law)

Taco Visser (Faculty of Science)

Hans de Waardt (Faculty of Humanities)

Pieter Wagenaar (Faculty of Social Sciences)

René van Woudenberg (Faculty of Humanities)

Wouter de Vries (Faculty of Humanities)